Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I remember my grandpa making me drink apple cider vinegar when I was a youngster.  I had stomach problems growing up.  I'd get indigestion, cramps and sharp pains in my stomach.  I went to several doctors and they could find nothing wrong with me.  So, grandpa said if you drink apple cider vinegar, it will "cure all kinds of ailments."   In exasperation, my mother consented to let me drink the stuff.  It tasted awful!  I was willing to drink a pint of castor oil before drinking that stuff.  But, within about three months, my stomach pain ended.  This was after about four years of misery (from age 8 to 12).  I wasn't sure whether it was the apple cider vinegar (ACV) or I just grew out of the stomach pain.  Kids do tend get over whatever problems they have growing up.  I had a friend tell me I need to take the ACV to help me lose weight after just about giving up the idea of losing weight at age 61.  Exercising and watching what I eat had no effect on me.  So, I started taking two capsules of ACV with each meal.  After two months of doing this, I have lost 14lbs.  That's almost two pounds a week.  Now, I continue to exercise twice a day, I watch what I eat (no sweets, avoid sugar and no fast food) because I am not convinced ACV or any other supplement will make you lose weight without diet and exercise.  I am impressed thus far.

Apple cider vinegar has been proven to help with obesity and diabetes according to this site.   ACV has long been considered a folk remedy for just about everything from arthritis to indigestion to weight loss.  I can only speak to weight loss.  So far, it seems to be working for me.  ACV is purported to wash out all toxins in the body.  When I first started taking ACV, I noticed I had a headache at night.  This went on for about three days.  I decided to check to see if this was a side effect of ACV.  Sure enough, it was one of the known side effects.  After three days, the headaches ceased.  Apple cider vinegar is said to lower cholesterol.  I also have a problem with cholesterol.  So, perhaps I can give an update after my next checkup at my doctor's office. It is also said to help with high blood pressure, cancer.  I'm not sold on any of these except weight loss right now.  But, there are some potential risks with long-term use of ACV.

 I'll keep updating this in the future if I continue to lose weight.  Trust me when I say I had tried everything and nothing was helping me.  Apple cider vinegar does help with the craving for food.  That's about all I can say as far as benefits I have noticed while taking apple cider vinegar.


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