Florida Man Dies in Sinkhole


Jeff Bush, 37 years of age, is presumed dead after part of his house (his bedroom) disappeared into a sinkhole that was at least 20 feet wide.  Jeremy Bush, Jeff's brother, tried to save his brother as he disappeared into the sinkhole.  Rescue workers decided the house was too unstable, as well as the ground around the house, to continue the search for Jeff's body.  Attempts now are to try to bring the house further toward the street so that personal belongings can be retrieved.  The plan appears to be to knock down the house, pull the debris out and survey the stability of the ground around the sinkhole.  Amazingly, five other people in the house escaped unharmed.  The county medical examiner cannot declare Jeff Bush dead until his body is finally recovered. 

This is a very amazing story.  It's not unusual for sinkholes to pop up  in the state of Florida.  This is a common occurrence.  What makes the story so amazing is that the sinkhole popped up under a house and actually killed (not officially) someone.  In this case, the very unfortunate Jeff Bush.  I cannot begin to imagine the horror Jeff experienced.  You are sleeping soundly to suddenly find yourself and your entire bedroom falling into a giant hole in the ground.  A horrible story to be sure.  


A very sad story indeed. If this has happened before then I'm wondering what the common denominator is ie: certain areas, particular types of earth/ground etc, in order to try to stop more holes appearing again.

My heart goes out to all their families and friends for such a loss in this way. I'm also wondering if he could still be alive because sometimes people survive for days in earthquakes etc.... all we can do is hope.

Rum-Punch Drunk, it is sad. I've never heard of anyone dying from a sinkhole. I guess there is always a first time.

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