FBI UFO Vault Memo

A long ago memo to late FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, is stirring a bit of controversy.  Dated March 22, 1950 (about a year and a half before this writer was born) the memo discussed three "flying saucers" had been recovered in New Mexico.  The memo states three saucers were circular in shape, and about 50 feet in diameter.  Even more remarkable, the memo states three bodies were recovered from the saucers.  All three bodies were said to be about three feet in height.  This file was released from the FBI's digital vault in April of 2011 due to a Freedom of Information Act request.  Now many will remember the famous Roswell, New Mexico incident.  This incident allegedly took place in 1947.  The FBI maintains this memo was never even investigated.  The FBI provided no explanation about why the 1950 UFO memo was never investigated given that the FBI had cooperated with the U.S. Air Force in the past on UFO investigations. 

I've never been into the UFO phenomenon that has seemingly taken a life of its own over the years.  I did have a UFO experience myself that I related in a blog post (Chasing UFO Series).  Even with that experience, I still have severe doubts about UFOs.  The odds of intelligent life having the ability to travel the stars and to visit Earth are mind boggling to me. It's Star Trek stuff that seems out of place in 21st Century Earth.  Still, something with the government, and particularly this FBI memo, doesn't pass the "smell test."  It seems like a coverup to me.  It would not be the first time the federal government has been involved in a coverup.  My question, why did it take a FOI request, over 60 years after the fact, for this memo to see the light of day?  Why is the FBI scoffing at this memo and admits they never investigated it?  It seems strange to me.  Regardless, I find it all  very interesting. 


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