Black Man in KKK Outfit

At first glance, you have to question the sanity of anyone standing in full KKK dress in Philadelphia, PA on a street corner.  Even though it was an African-American, that took guts to do.  Sixx King (who is African-American) was not out to start a riot or to offend black people.  He was, in fact, trying to bring attention to the ongoing problem of "black on black" crime, especially murder.  In Philadelphia, 324 people were murdered in 2011.  Eighty-five percent were black.  That is an astounding statistic.  Even more astounding, in 86 years the KKK killed 3,446 blacks.  In six months, nation-wide, that number is exceeded, according to the FBI.   While some were offended by Mr. King's garb, as you can imagine, some realized the message Mr. King was trying to get across.  Philadelphia Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. stated, “You have to sit back and digest his message.  Sit back and understand the mother who was carrying the picture of her child. It’s not a statistic. It’s a human being with a name who will be missed.”  That is a very sobering statement.  There isn't much I can add to that other than to say I agree with him.  Now, some will say, "What about black on white crime or latino on black crime, etc."  The only way I can answer that question is that black on black crime is disproportionately worse than "black on white" or any other race you wish to mention. 

There has to be some soul searching amongst the African-American communities over this problem.  It is past time pretending black on black crime is not a major problem.   The first step in solving a problem is to admit there is a problem.  At least, in Sixx King, you have one African-American who is willing to bring this problem to the forefront.  You may not agree with his method.  But, his message cannot be ignored.


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