Last Wishes of Baby Boomers

There was a report (article link) about the last wishes of the baby boomer generation.  Specifically, baby boomers are developing a penchant for motorcycles and how their obits will be handled.  As far as motorcycles, baby boomers have really taken to them.  It is something that represents that "hippy generation's" last hooray.   However, the lengths to which baby boomers have taken to motorcycles is a bit abnormal.   They want their last ride in the casket to be not in a traditional hearse.  Many boomers are requesting that last ride to be made by a motorcycle funeral coach.  It has become such a popular request that funeral homes are making more and more purchases of the motorcycle funeral coach for their customers, which just happen to be the baby boomer generation.  Another popular way baby boomers are making their departure known is via social media.  In this case, their obituary is announced on Facebook.  In this way, everyone who knew the dearly departed can be informed almost immediately of their passing.  But, there are drawbacks to obituary notices on social media.  What is said there cannot be controlled.  Those that held a grudge against the dearly departed boomer can release their feelings without a face to face encounter with others.  So, there are definitely drawbacks to this form of announcement. 

I do agree that baby boomers are gravitating more and more to motorcycles.  I know many of my generation who love to get on a bike and take off somewhere for the weekend.  I got over my love for motorcycles much earlier in life.  I bought my only motorcycle (Triumph 650 twin) when I was stationed in Naples, Italy in the U.S. Navy.  I sold it in the early 80s.  I do miss it from time to time.  But, I just have no desire to get on a motorcycle with all the crazy people driving now.  Yes, there were crazy people driving back when I was riding my bike.  But, it just seems like there are more now.  Announcing my death on Facebook?  I don't know about that.  I won't be around to see it, of course.  But, I tend to agree with the above article this could cause problems.  I suppose this is one baby boomer who just doesn't conform with the ideas of my generation.


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