Careless Gun Owner

I realize there is a lot of debate going around the country concerning gun control in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  Both gun control advocates and anti-gun control advocates are at each others throats these days.  It didn't help matters when President Obama seemingly stepped outside his authority as President to arbitrarily sign executive orders on gun control.  I have no intention of making this a political post since I already have a political blog here.  But, anti-gun control advocates must have been disheartened to learn of the incident that took place at a gun show in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Gary Lynn Wilson took his .12 gauge shotgun out of it's case for inspection at the entrance for the gun show.  As Mr. Wilson took the shotgun out of its case, it discharged and wounded three people.  None of the injured people were considered to be seriously wounded. This took place at a time when gun rallies were taking place all over the country in support of the Second Amendment. 

I am a gun owner, as I have stated several times on this blog.  I own a .12 gauge Mossberg 88 Maverick.  It is strictly for home defense since I am not a hunter.  One thing I do know....always respect a gun even if you think it is unloaded.  The old adage, treat every gun as if it is loaded, holds true today and forever.  The moron that placed a loaded shotgun in a carrying case, at the North Carolina gun show, should have his permit, license and shotgun taken from him for being such an idiot.  Never place a loaded gun in a case.  In fact, never transport a loaded gun.  I know, at least, in Alabama you can be arrested for doing that.  Now, I'm as big a supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment as you will ever see.  But, with the right to own guns, should also come with the knowledge to use guns safely.  I also support mandatory gun safety classes.  While I am an NRA member, I part with them on some issues in this regard.  I'm not sure if the NRA supports mandatory gun safety classes or not.  If they don't, they most certainly should.  Maybe a few gun safety classes could have prevented an almost tragic incident in North Carolina.  But, in the case of Gary Lynn Wilson, I see a Darwin Award for Stupidity in his future.


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