A Senseless Attack

In New Windsor, NY, three teenage girls ruthlessly attacked a 34-year old mother as she put her child on a school bus this past Tuesday morning.  Police learned from the girls that they did this at random and call it "popping" or "mobbing."  The mother was repeatedly punched, kicked and scratched as the attack ensured in front the horrified children on the school bus.  The teens said they did it for "fun."  There was no word on the condition of the mother, according to the report linked above.  The teens were charged with gang assault (a felony) and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.  All three were released to the custody of their parents after police processing. 

I have to say this is a most disturbing story.  In this day and time, it shouldn't even be newsworthy any longer.  But, I can't help but notice it.  Is there nothing more innocent than a mother placing her child on a school bus?  For her trouble, the mother is attacked by three teenage thugs out for some "fun."  Now, these three girls will probably get six months in juvenile detention at most and possibly probation with community service.  It will do nothing to deter these teens from going down the road they have chosen.  It's time to stop coddling criminals regardless of age.  Try everyone as an adult.  In just a few years, these three teenage girls will be tried for another felony anyway.  Try them as adults now so that another law abiding citizen does not suffer the same fate as this 34-year-old mother.


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