After Christmas Blues

Aaaah, yes....those after Christmas blues.  Everything has died down now from the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, the preparation for Christmas Day and now the aftermath.  It seems sad to me on so many different levels.  At age 61, I wonder how many more Christmases I have left in me.  I think that I don't have to worry about gifts for another full year now.  The buying of gifts is a problem each year as prices continue to escalate in this "booming economic recovery" we have heard so much about.  But, right now, I'm a bit melancholy as I ponder on the passing of another Christmas.  As Christmases go, this was a pretty good one for me.  Really good in some respects.  I got what I wanted.  I gave gifts of what many people wanted.  I do have a bit of a knack at buying what people need.  I sit and think about what a certain person needs.  With that thought in mind, I go online and buy it.  Now, I just sit back and am thankful for having the ability to be financial-worry free for the most part.  I will pay off my Discovery Card (which I used to buy all my online gits) in about three months.  So, I do feel fortunate to be able to do that.  But, these after Christmas blues have got me down now.  I guess it's the magic of Christmas when people are usually so nice to each other.  Now, it will be business as usual, people moaning, groaning and complaining about whatever makes them mad.

The after Christmas blues was worse in school.  It took me a good two weeks to recover from Christmas.  I felt so depressed going back to school, after a two week vacation, and having to endure another cold winter. Winters aren't anything like they are up north here on the gulf coast.  But, so many overcast days make those after Christmas blues even worse.  Many people say they wish Christmas could be 365 days a year.  But, what would be the fun in that?  That would devalue Christmas more than it already is by commercialization right now.  No, I'll endure the after Christmas blues.  I know that by next October, I'll be looking forward to another blissful, blessed Christmas.


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