Sympathy for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.   The death toll for Hurricane Sandy stands at 110 as of this posting.  That is far too many for a Cat I hurricane.  In fact, it is inexplicable.  Either the emergency management did a poor job of warning and evacuating people or people just didn't take the hurricane seriously.  You should always take a hurricane seriously regardless of the Category status.  It's been a long time since the northeastern part of the USA has had a hurricane hit them and hit them this hard.  Preparation is always key.  I have looked at the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and I am astonished by it.  Usually, before a hurricane hits,  boats are taken into shore or moved into inlets where they can be docked.  I say this and am not aware of the situation there on the marinas.  The devastation is just shocking to me.  People are slowly getting power back.  But, the cleanup is going to take months and months to complete.  The devastation looks like more than a Cat I hurricane to be honest.  This really looks more like a Cat III hurricane based on what I have seen.  I've seen many hurricanes along the gulf coast during my life.  Hurricane Sandy just seems more powerful to me than a Cat I hurricane.

From June to December, hurricane season is greatly feared on the gulf coast.  We had only one hurricane this year (Hurricane Isaac).  While it did cause significant damage to the southern Louisiana-Mississippi area, it still is like nothing Hurricane Sandy did in Staten Island, New York, New Jersey, etc.   After Hurricane Katrina, we all took stock of ourselves here on the gulf coast.  That storm was a monster; Cat V.  I hope I never live to see another hurricane season similar to 2005.  I don't want to even imagine the destruction that storm would have caused in that heavily populated area in the northeast.  One thing is for certain, the people that survived Hurricane Sandy will long remember this storm.  It's possible they will never see another hurricane in their lives.  Regardless, lessons will be learned from this terrible tragedy.  If you wish to give to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, click HERE or HERE.    Thank you.


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