Entrecard is Gone


Entrecard, the card dropping system to get traffic to blogs, is gone the way of so many other would-be experiments.  It has gone out of business.  Actually, according to this site, it shutdown in September of this year (2012).  I took the Entrecard widget off this blog back in July.  It was a waste of time and really didn't bring much, of anything, to my blog.  It increased my bounce rate.  I also got a lot of viruses by dropping the Entrecard widget on different sites.  That is another reason I stopped dropping and just took their widget off my blog.  I joined Entrecard back in late 2008 after the much mismanaged and ill-timed BlogRush experiment failed.  Both had their share of positives and negatives.  I won't go into all about BlogRush since it is long gone now.  I did not get much traffic from either BlogRush or Entrcard, not meaningful traffic like you get from Google or Social Netorking sites.  Entrecard was never user friendly.  You ask for help, you were lucky to get a response in 3 days.  Usually, you didn't hear anything from Entrecard.   People started criticizing them on the member forums.  Showing how sensitive they were, they shut down the member forums.  That basically was the beginning of the end for Entrecard.  When you don't respond to customer complaints, that will kill your business quicker than any other thing. 

Entrecard started allowing certain members to monitor and accept new customers.  Entrecard had categories, such as writing, personal blogs, cooking, and politics to name just a few.  This was another problem for Entrecard.  A lot of these so-called moderators, used their own biases to accept or deny new blogs.  Some were heavy-handed in their approach to the different blogs on the Entrecard network.  They wanted the Entrecard widget above the fold.  But, that meant different things to different people.  Some thought it meant at the very top of the blog where you have the blog name.  Some didn't care.  Entrecard just let the network deteriorate into a morass of divergent ideas and directions.  The end of Entrecard does not surprise me.  What surprises me is that it lasted this long. I don't miss Entrecard.  I miss some of the people I met on the network.  I hope the next traffic network enterprise will learn from the mistakes of both BlogRush and Entrecard.  There will be another one someday.  They need to realize there is no quick fix when you start out a business as BlogRush discovered.  There is nothing more important than your customers, as Entrecard never found out.  It was ironic that Entrecard did not even make an announcement that they were shutting down (something even BlogRush did).  They just let the site go without a message.  That was so much like Entrecard.  They never cared for the blogs or the people on their network  Now, like BlogRush, they are in the dustbin of internet history.


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