George McGovern: Near The End

Former Democratic Presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator, George McGovern is near the end of his long life at a hospice facility in his native South Dakota.  According to reports, McGovern is not responding to commands from medical staff at the facility.  Senator McGovern is 90 years old.  While I did not agree with him politically, I admired him for the 35 flights he made in his B-24 Liberator over Germany.  In those days, 25 flights were considered a long-shot to survive that long.  I greatly admire him for his bravery and service to our country during WWII.  So many who fought with the "Greatest Generation" are now dying away.  I read recently less than 10% who fought in WWII are still alive.  It's sad.  It's sad that an old liberal opponent like George McGovern is at the end of his long, illustrious life.  Whether you agreed or disagreed with George McGovern, you have to believe he had the best interests of his country at heart.  He lost a historic election landslide to Richard Nixon back in 1972.  In fact, I think he may have only won one state, which if I am correct, was his home state of South Dakota.  He continued to attack Richard Nixon after the loss.  Many saw that as sour grapes.  But, maybe, just maybe he saw the real Nixon that none of us saw at the time.

God Bless you George McGovern.  From an old hardcore conservative, I salute you for your service to your country throughout your entire life.  Stay on course with the liberator that takes you to the next journey of your life.


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