Black Fashion Week in Paris

This is something that I have never quite understood.  Why hold "heritage weeks or months" for a specific race?  In Paris, France, Adama Ndiaye staged a "Black Fashion Week"  to showcase talent from the African continent.  She further states this is a time for both black models and designers to put their talent on display for a world-wide audience.  Adama also states this allows black designers to get their designs "out there" when they ordinarily would not have that chance in a normal Paris Fashion Show.  She says that other races were not excluded.  But, if that is true, why call it Black Fashion Week?  Can you imagine the outrage if there was a "White Fashion Week" or maybe a "Brown Fashion Week?"  Why bother to even attach labels to such?  If you are talented enough, the color of your skin is not going to stop you from achieving your goals.  There are too many instances in history (Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr., President Obama, etc) to say it is not possible due to bigotry.  I don't deny there are bigoted people.  But, I do not believe a talented, goal oriented individual cannot get to the top of their craft in today's world regardless of race.

This brings me to another point.  Why even have Black History Month?  Hispanic Heritage Month?  The people of each individual race, who have made noteworthy achievements in life, don't need a special month to make note of what they have accomplished.  To me, it is condescending to have a special month if I were Hispanic or Black.  If we are going this route, shouldn't we also have a Native American Month?  Italian American Month?  Irish American Month?  And the nonsense goes on and on.  Why have a month to say, "Look at who we are and all we have accomplished!!!"  If you are of a particular group, and have accomplished a great deal regardless of race, color, creed or religion,  do you really need to bring attention to yourself in this manner?  Can you imagine how you would feel if a Caucasian had a month dedicated solely to them?  They would, of course, be immediately labeled racist.  But, it is not racist to have an entire month set aside for minority groups.  Maybe if I were Black or Hispanic, I'd feel differently, I don't know.  But, I know I would feel it insulting to have a month to honor my race because we feel we don't get enough credit.  Have minorities become this sensitive?


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