Guns Sales Rising

Guns sales are rising across the board in gun shops and gun shows across the nation.  For example, Smith and Wesson's backlog of orders has more than doubled from the same quarter of last year.  Another gun manufacturer, Sturm, Ruger & Co, built its one-millionth gun on August 15th of this year.  In 2011, it took them nearly the entire year to make that same number.  But, with the current gun sales buzzing, what is causing the upsurge in gun sales?  Many fear that with the reelection of Barack Obama, gun regulations will become more strict.  The same thing happened in 2009 when Obama was first elected President of the United States.  There was a considerable increase in gun sales throughout 2009.  But, many do not follow the thinking that President Obama is the primary reason for gun sales.  A primary concern is safety in your home.  Home invasions are on the increase along with increase sale of illegal drugs in this country.  According to this article, senior citizens are the largest new group of gun buyers.  Many think the aging baby boomers (of which I am one), are a source of new gun sales across the country.  But, is it realistic to think the Obama Administration would want to tangle with a citizen's Second Amendment rights?  Obama didn't make that a priority in his first administration.  It is unlikely he would do it if he is reelected.  Of course, as he said previously, he would have more "flexibility" to do what he wants if he is reelected.  I leave it to your imagination as to what that may mean.

I recently joined the National Rifle Association (NRA) even though I am not a gun owner at present.  I intend to change that very soon.  Oh, I have an antique, a bolt-action .16 gauge shotgun of my grandfather which has not been fired in over 30 years.  I would be scared to fire that thing.  So, I plan on buying me a .12 gauge shotgun within the next couple of months.  I see guns as a necessary evil.  I don't like them even though I support their use by private citizens.  It is our constitutional right to bear arms.  But, I would only use them in self-defense.  I am not a hunter.  But, it seems our society is on the verge of spinning out of control.  Flash mobs where youth steal, attack and destroy for no reason is a concern.  Home invasions, as I stated earlier, are rising across the country.  Crime, in general, seems to be on the rise.  As the old saying goes, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I intend to get me a lethal weapon for my own safety. You can't always depend on the police.


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