Buddy the Cat is a Hero!

Jennifer Chap was working in her home office when her cat, Buddy, started misbehaving.  Buddy was meowing loudly, scratching and just making a general nuisance of himself to Mrs. Chap.  So, she got enough of it, picked Buddy up and walked into the kitchen.  There she found her husband kneeling over a counter.  He had gone into full cardiac arrest.  Mrs. Chap pulled her husband onto the kitchen floor and administered CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene.  Mr. Chap had stopped breathing.  Paramedics were able to get Mr. Chap breathing again.  He was taken to a local hospital in Orland, Florida.  There he had a heart procedure and six months of cardiac rehab.  Mr. Chap readily acknowledges if not for his beloved cat, Buddy, he might not be alive today.  "I really really owe my life to Buddy because without him, (my wife) would have never come out of that office," he said.  Buddy had detected something was wrong with his owner, Mr. Chap.  It's a remrkable story of an animal, once again, helping a human.  By the way, Buddy is a stray cat that was given shelter at the Chap home.  Remember that the next time some poor stray cat comes to your home looking for a handout.

This story reminds me of the only cat I have ever truly loved, Kida.  Sure, I loved our other cat, Midnight, but Kida was something special.  Both were animal shelter rescues.  Both Kida and Midnight were the best pets I ever owned.  But, Kida was my little buddy. He knew when I was depressed (and I was a lot while married to my ex-wife).  Kida would jump in my lap, cuddlle up with me and sleep.  He was a blessing to me in a lot of ways during those hellish years I was married. I wanted to keep Kida and Midnight after my divorce.  But, as a final shot from my ex-wife, she gave both of them away before I could get them and bring them to my new home.  That just broke my heart.  I still miss them both.  I would love to have another cat.  But, I am fearful my ornery beagle, Ralph, would not approve.  If both Kida and Midnight are still alive, I hope in some way they are living a good life and maybe remember their old "buddy."



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