Red Lobster Server Attacked

In Fairvew Heights, IL, a server at the Red Lobster attacked a server when she repeatedly refilled their glasses of water.  That's right.  Three female customers became irate with a server who was filling up their water glasses too quickly.  After the server started walking away, one of the female customers picked up a glass, hitting the server in the back of the head.  But, they were not through with this server.  As the server turned around to confront the attacker, one of the female customers threw a dessert book at the victim, striking the server in the face.  Paramedics were called to treat the server.  But, the server refused to go to the hospital and returned to work instead.  Both Red Lobster employees and customers made sure the three females did not leave the restaurant before police arrived.  When police did arrive, all three women were arrested. At the time of the report, police were still unsure of what charges were to be brought against the three female attackers.  Ironically, at this same Red Lobster, six months prior to this incident, four females attacked a server for "poor service."

I'm not sure why the police are unsure of what charges to bring against the women.  How about assault?  Disturbing the peace?  Malicious conduct in a public setting?  Hell, I'm not a district attorney.  But, at least there should be assault charges against the women for throwing something that could have caused permanent damage to the Red Lobster employee.  If' I'm this server, I'm going to be talking to a lawyer about a civil suit as well.  There is simply no reason for this kind of conduct against an employee who was doing what she was taught to do (keeping customer drinks full).  I've gotten irritated by a server before also.  But, then I think this person is only doing what they were taught to do.  What would I do if I were in their position?  I'd do what I was taught or lose my job.  In this day and time, it's tough to even get minimum wage jobs.  The idea of physical violence never entered my mind if I was bothered by a server.  Why not contact the manager before physically attacking the server?  I hope these three women pay by serving time in lockup and from their bank accounts as well for their disgusting behavior.


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