Hurricane Isaac Aiming for Gulf Coast

At this moment, as I type this up, Tropical Storm Isaac will most likely become Hurricane Isaac.  It is only a matter of time.  Once it hits the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, it will rapidly gain strength.  As I woke up on Sunday morning, it had a direct path to my hometown of Mobile, AL.  At one time, the path was as far east as Destin, Florida.  It is currently tracking for Southern Mississippi.  It is continuing to track westward.  It is entirely possible it could track as far west as the Texas-Louisiana state line.  Regardless, we here in Mobile are going to get, at the very least, tropical storm surge and winds.  People on the gulf take hurricanes seriously, especially when they skirt by Cuba.  That means the hurricane has not been weakened when it gets into the Gulf of Mexico.  That is a troubling prospect.  Hurricane Katrina is the monster we judge all hurricanes by these days.  At this time, there is no reason to believe Hurricane Isaac will become as fearsome as Katrina.  But, hurricane forecasting is not an exact science.  I have seen hurricanes zig zag all along the gulf coast before coming inland.  Some will stall right off the coast for hours, days even.  So, it is a waiting game along the gulf coast.

My current thinking process is that this storm will continue to track west.  But, that means we will get the eastward winds coming off the Gulf of Mexico.  They will be very bad.  I'm not looking forward to this.  The great fear is of losing electricity, of course.  Heat and humidity this time of year is unbearable.  In three weeks, the summer weather will start to crack.  But, I suspect Isaac is not going to wait around for three weeks.  We all just hope and pray that there will be minimal damage to businesses and homes.  


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