College Football Season 2012

Well, with the University of South Carolina vs Vanderbilt University game last night, we have witnessed the start of another college football season.  I am now, always have been and always will be a college football fan.  I will watch an NFL game on occasion.  But, only if it involves the Green Bay Packers.  The pro game just lacks the passion of college football to me.  When you are dealing with state and instate schools, the intensity ratchets up a notch.  It's just a preference to me.  I know that the NFL ratings are off the charts, even for pre-season games.  I understand that.  But, for me the pageantry, excitement and, again, passion of the college game is unequaled in my humble opinion.  Texas vs OU, Alabama vs Auburn, Michigan vs Ohio St.. are games that fans live and die with each year.  Ok, might as well make it known, I am a diehard Alabama fan.  Bama has won two out of the last three national championships.  I've been around since the Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant days to the golden era of Coach Nick Saban.  In my opinion. Coach Saban is the best college coach in the nation.  His approach to defense, offense and the kicking game is second to none.

So, who do I think wins the BCS National Championship Game this year?  The easy pick would be my Alabama team.  But, I think we will stub our toe during the brutal SEC schedule.  What game that will be, I don't have any idea.  Most likely it will be to a team that has no reason to be within two touchdowns of Alabama.  My two teams for the BCSCG are Florida State University and the University of Oregon.  I'm not buying the USCw hype with their razor thin depth, especially on defense.  I think the Seminoles of FSU will win the NC this year.  I hope I'm wrong.  But, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. There have been many terrible stories in the off-season for college football (Penn. St. to name one) I'm just happy the college football season for 2012 is upon us once again.


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