August in Alabama

August.  Just the mere name sounds hot to me.  That is especially so in the state of Alabama.  Even more so if you live on the gulf coast.  The humidity, the heat is overwhelming at times.  Just this morning I somehow managed to mow my lawn.  I had been mowing the lawn about 15 minutes when I noticed water was dripping off me like I had just gotten out of the shower.  It "only" took about 40 minutes to mow my backyard and side yard.   But, at 60 years of age, that is something I'm not going to be able to do much longer.  I had been letting someone else mow my lawn.  But, like in so many situations today, finding good help is hard to find.  So, I let him go.  The heat radiating off the roads is that mirage image you see on TV when people are in the desert.  Some roads have buckled.  But, that is normal for this time of year.  The county road crews stay busy this time of year with repairs. 

Of course, we celebrate numerous things here in Alabama during the month of August.  From August 17-26 is Alabama Restaurant Week.  Yes, that's longer than a week, even in Alabama.  I think the heat just warps our brains and we lose sight of the fact there are only 7 days in a week.  But, this is mostly a promotion for tourists from the various restaurants.  Of course, with the warm weather of August comes better fishing on the Alabama gulf coast.  The King and Spanish Mackerel start moving closer to shore.  So, fisherman this should be your time of year.  Lots of charter boats to chose from in Orange Beach, Alabama.  Usually in August, this is the month for "Founders Day" celebrations throughout the state.  Just pick a town and you'll probably find some sort of celebration going on. 

Back to August in my neck of the woods (Mobile), this is also the time of year we start taking hurricane season really seriously.  The Gulf of Mexico is very warm and that is like gasoline to a tropical storm this time of year.  So, we really keep an eye on the weather this month.  In fact, everyone is taking a close watch on the hurricane season now with August upon us.  Even my 4+ old beagle, Ralph, seems rather anxious these "Dog Days of Summer" in August.  He doesn't want to go outside except to use the bathroom.  Then he wants back inside in the air conditioned house.  I suppose he's like me.  He is spoiled by the AC.  I seriousl6y don't know how people in Alabama can live without AC, especially in August.  But, I'm sure there are some.  God Bless those people.  I know they must be suffering this month.


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