Sex Crime Victim Facing Jail Time

You can only imagine the outrage of Savannah Dietrich, age 17, when she found out the boys who molested her were given a light sentence.  She was passed out at a party and, apparently, was passed around by these boys.  Now, some will callously say she got what she deserved by being so drunk that she could not fight off these scum.  To me, that is all beside the point.  Her condition did not give these boys the right to abuse her in the fashion they did.  In fact, in an equally callous act, the judge put a "gag order" on Dietrich so she could not repeat the boys names.  Who was the victim here?  Apparently, the judge was more interested in protecting the sexual fiends than she was the sex-crime victim.  Savannah decided to defy the judge and tweeted the names of her sex attackers.  She is now facing time behind bars for defying a judicial order to not revel the names of her attackers or even talk about what happened to her.

I have to say I had to read this article twice (linked above) before I could actually believe it.  This is a case of judicial activism gone wild.  Yes, some will say she defied the judge.  So what? This girl has been molested by numerous sexual predators at a party! The article did not reveal what the "light sentence" was that outraged Savannah.  But, what does this say about our court system when preference is given to the attackers over the victim?  I don't blame young Savannah for defying the judge for ignoring her plight. It almost sounds as if the judge knew the attackers and is protecting them.  That is just my opinion.  I have nothing to base it on.  But, it sure as hell sounds like the judge is actively protecting the attackers of Savannah.  Meanwhile, another sex-crime victim is being ignored. Sexual predators are being coddled.


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