Penn. St. and Jerry Sandusky

This may be the only time I comment on this horrible mess concerning Penn. St. and Jerry Sandusky.  I might have made a post back in November.  I don't recall doing that.  But, suffice it to say this entire issue is disgusting.  Yesterday, former FBI director, Louis Freeh, issued his report that categorically states, "...former officials "empowered" Jerry Sandusky to continue his abuse, and investigators say legendary head football coach Joe Paterno could have stopped the attacks had he done more."   That is simply unconscionable to me.  How in the name of God could anyone ignore children who were in harm's way of a sexual predator?  Joe Paterno's name, image and legacy is now in tatters despite the best efforts of the Paterno family to protect.  But, that is what led to Paterno's ultimate downfall.  He was more concerned about his image, and his program than he was innocent children.  In fact, from emails from CNN, it was apparent Joe Paterno was complicit in the coverup.  I have to believe Joe Paterno was aware of what was happening on the Penn. St. campus with Jerry Sandusky and the children he brought there to the showers.

I won't rehash everything in Louis Freeh's report.  To put it mildly, it is damning toward former President Graham Spanier, former Vice President Gary Schultz, Paterno, and former athletic director Tim Curley.  It was a culture of coverup and dismiss at the Penn. St. campus.  I ask myself one question; what would these men have done if this had been their children or grandchildren who were being sexually molested by Jerry Sandusky?  Would they have taken the appropriate action and gone to the police then?  Of course they would have.  But, the fact these kids were from broken homes, at risk kids, they did not matter.  The fact Jerry Sandusky took advantage of these poor children't plight is despicable.  But, just as despicable, in my opinion, is the non-action of the above individuals, in positions of leadership, who stood by and did nothing.  At Penn. St., under Coach Joe Paterno, the program itself superseded the welfare of children.  What does this say, not only about Penn. St. officials, what does it say about our society itself?


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