DNS Changer Virus

The FBI has been warning for several months about a virus that will change your DNS.  If, for example, you typed in yahoo.com, it would send you to another site (porn or gambling site most likely).  It sounds remarkably like the Google Redirect Virus which I have personally had problems with before.  The DNS changer can possibly kick you off the internet.  So, if you have one computer that you can't get online with this morning, it could possibly be due to the DNS Changer virus.  If you want to see if you are infected, click HERE.   If you see green, you are ok.  If you see red, chances are you have an infected machine.  If you are infected, don't panic.  They have some software you can download to take care of this virus.  Of course, if you only have one infected computer, you will have to use another computer to get the software.  Several hundred thousand computers are now infected.  Most computer users have probably been infected with this virus for years and not even know it!  So, hit the link above to see if you are infected.

If you have a firewall and anti-virus software protection, then you probably going to be ok.  Most people think "Well, I have a router.  Isn't that a firewall?"  Well, yes, it is.  But, it is far from being the cure-all against threats.  I suggest you get zonealarm firewall which is a free download.  For you Mac users, you are also vulnerable to this virus.  So, I strongly suggest you check out your computer at the link I provided above.  I would hate to be working computer troubleshooting at places like Dell, HP, Toshiba and a host of other service centers.  I suspect they will inundated with calls today.


whether by a software tool that can really solve the problem

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