Caffeine Made Bus Driver Attack Teen Girls

Place this one in the "run out of excuses" file.  A school bus driver told a judge at his sentencing trial that an excessive amount of caffeine made him sexually grope and fondle teenage girls and some women.  At a volleyball game, he grabbed a 15-year old girls butt, then slapped a 16-year old girl on the butt as she walked by him.  But, that wasn't enough for Ken Sands, 51, as he watched the game as a spectator and not as a bus driver.  He then allegedly touched a 46-year old woman's breasts three different times.  Sands stated at his sentencing that the excessive amount of caffeine that caused him to act "out of character."  The judge was not impressed.  Sands was sentenced to thirty days in jail for each count (5) charged against him.

The story did not state if Ken Sands got the "excessive amount of caffeine" from coffee.  That would be the logical assumption.  I have been drinking coffee since I was in my early 20s.  I never felt the overwhelming desire to act a complete idiot.  I doubt anyone else has had that desire after drinking a lot of coffee also.  The only thing that coffee has influenced me to do is go to the bathroom an excessive amount of times.  I would wager that is the case with most people.  Mr. Sands, once he gets out of jail, might want to look for another excuse for his deviant behavior.  This one didn't make sense to me or to the judge.


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