For the subscribers and those just now coming onto my blog, you will see there is a noticeable difference in the time lapse in this post and my last post.  About four weeks to be precise.  The reason for that is due to my suffering from something called Prostatitis.  Until about three months ago, I had not only never heard of it, I did not know how to pronounce it.   This has been one of the most aggravating medical episodes in my life.  The constant urination, the overwhelming pressure to urinate is a bit perplexing (to say the least).  There have been times when I felt like I was losing my mind.  This all started in early April.  It is just now starting to go away after taking much Bactrim and Cipro.  At first, neither anti-bacterial drug had much effect.  It was only after I gave out of both drugs did I notice a significant improvement.

The next thing on the agenda would have been something called a cystoscopy.  After reading what that procedure incurred, I am glad I don't have to go through that.  In fact, I will have to hurt a helluva lot worse than I have over the past three months to go through that procedure.  Prostatitis is not something  I would wish on my worst enemy.  It is never a waking moment when you are comfortable.  You are irritable, listless and in a constant pain that doesn't seem to want to go away any time soon.  In fact, it is only over the past three days I have noticed a big difference in how I feel.  It was a struggle to go an hour without going to the bathroom to urinate.  I'm now up to about two hours and counting.  Sometimes, with Prostatitis, you will go two or three times an hour.  The more you go, the more uncomfortable you are.  You experience a burning sensation that is hell.  It is not an intense pain.  But, it is always there and gets worse with each urination. You are a virtual prisoner in your home or where you can easily have access to a restroom.

As stated, I am doing better.  But, to say I am completely over my Prostatitis episode would be false.  It seems to take a long time to get over it.  Will I have to endure this for the rest of my life?  At age 60, that would probably be the case, although my urologist has not told me this.  I sincerely hope not.  Prostatitis makes your life absolutely miserable.  I may or may not post as often until I am completely over this problem.  For right now, I will be doing good to post once a week.


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