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One of the problems I have had over the past two months, on this blog, is what I consider "spam comments." The comment itself is innocuous enough. Most times the comment is in general terms about what a "great blog" this is and other flattering comments. The problem arises when the person making the comment tries to sneak in a link to a company or business entity. That is strictly prohibited on this blog.

If you go down to the comment section of any post, you will see this posted in clear English; "**NOTICE: Any comments linking back to a commercial entity, be it a business, company or ANY for-profit site will be deleted. Blogs, non-profit organization links in comments are welcomed and encouraged." I strictly enforce that rule here. I will not let this blog become a "link farm" under any conditions. If you want to link from here, there is a method to do that. Hit the blue banner above for information on that. But, I will allow only a very few links. If they are not high quality sites, I will not accept the link. It's that simple. Placing a link on the chat box (below right) will only link back to the developer of the chat box. I've had a problem with spam for over a year. But, the last two months it has gotten much worse. I'm not going to allow it. If you want a link here, you now know how to do it. No freebies here. Once I see a link leading to a company, business or any for-profit organization, I immediately delete it.  I check every comment. ALL comments are held in moderation until I allow or disallow the comment to be published.

While I am on the subject, I must also address the many requests I get in email about "guest posting" on David's Musings.  Again, hit the blue banner above and it answers all your questions.  Am I charging too much for guest posts?  Yes, indeed, I am.  That is done on purpose to limit the number of guest posts on this blog.  Most of the requests for guest posting is to generate leads for a product or service.  That's fine with me.  But, you have to pay the price also.  I'm not cheap.  Please don't send me email to ask if I will make a post about an event or seminar in your area. Please don't ask me to post something on this blog because you think my readers will enjoy it.  I will not do it. Again, there are no freebies here. I get asked this about four or five times a week.  It is not fair to charge some people and not charge others.  If you have questions about links or guest posting, hit my email link just above my picture down below.  I'll be glad to help you.

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