30 Children with 11 Women

Desmond Hatchett:, 33, of Knoxville, TN, wants a break on his child support payments.  There is nothing unusual about that.  A lot of men want a break on their child support payments.  But, Mr. Hatchett's case is a bit, shall we say, unusual.  You see, Desmond Hatchett has fathered 30 children with 11 women!!!  Nine of those children were born in the last three years!  He is working a minimum wage job, trying to support 30 children on that kind of salary.  It's impossible to do.  In fact, I'm not sure he could support that many children on a $100K salary.  He has to turn over 50% of his salary to the court.  It comes out to about $1.49 a month for the mothers of these children.  As it stands now, Desmond Hatchett is struggling to make a living on about $400 a month.  He can expect to pay half his salary for at least the next 15 years...or more if he doesn't practice safe sex from this point.

I have no sympathy for Desmond Hatchett.  None.  I have no sympathy for the mothers who should have known there are consequences for actions.  Now the taxpayers of this country will have to pay for all those children fathered by Desmond Hatchett.  I do have sympathy for the children.  They will most likely live in poverty throughout their entire childhood.  I blame Desmond for that.  I hope he realizes that being the "Johnny Appleseed" of human reproduction is not all it's cut up to be.  My suggestion to Mr. Hatchett is to go back to school, learn a trade, skill or something to make more money than he presently is at a minimum wage job.  He's going to need all the money he can make for at least another 15 years.  Good luck, Desmond.  Not that you deserve good luck or anything else.


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