Rats, Cocaine and Miles Davis

Like many Americans, I worry about the way my tax dollars are being used or misused by our federal government. The waste and extravagance of GSA employees is one recent example. That is a disgusting display of tax dollar waste. I hope all the employees involved get fired. But, what would you think if I told you your tax dollars are being used to fund "research" on rats drugged out on cocaine to find out what kind of music they like the most? That is what has happened at Albany Medical College. The "research professionals" discovered that sober rats didn't really care for music (imagine that). But, when they have cocaine induced into their bodies, the rats "gyrated" to the sounds of jazz by Miles Davis. The studies, unbelievably, were funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse. This research was listed in the top ten for "Real Ridiculous Research." I would say it is well deserved. But, spokesmen for Albany Medical College disputed that notion. "The ultimate goal of this research is to find medications that can help diminish drug cravings in humans," said the medical college spokesman.

I'm not quite sure how making rats coke addicts will push science ahead in finding a way to diminish drug cravings in humans. I guess I'm just not smart enough to understand that. I have always felt the best way to diminish drug cravings in humans is to deny them the drug. That would begin by controlling our southern border, just as an example. But, I simply don't see how giving cocaine to RATS will enable us to end the drug problem in this country. I'm willing to bet the late great jazz musician Miles Davis would agree.

EDITOR NOTE: I'll be taking a couple of weeks off from David's Musings. Next post will be May 4th.

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