The Plunger Bank Robber

I guess it takes all kinds of people to do misdeeds these days. I mean, some people just don't have good sense. Who in their right mind would walk into a bank to rob it in the first place? Not many people, thankfully. But, what kind of person walks into a bank, with intentions to rob, with a toilet plunger as a weapon? Apparently, just one so far. His name is Lawrence Deptola of New York. Mr. Deptola threatened a bank teller with a plunger if she or he didn't give all the money in the drawer to him immediately! Apparently, this teller set off a silent alarm and police came to arrest Mr. Deptola after a brief foot chase. At age 49, he wasn't going to out run many people. Mr. Deptola was charged with attempted third-degree robbery. I'm not sure how many years that will put him behind bars. But, however long it is, I hope he contemplates a new career. The bank robbing career isn't working for him.

This sort of reminds me of another bank robbery in my area about ten years ago. There were two men from Bayou La Batre (Yes, of Forest Gump fame) robbed a local bank right after it opened up one Monday morning. They drove up in a broken down old '89 Oldsmobile Cutless that was belching smoke when they came up to the bank. Both men went into the bank, told a teller they wanted all the money in the drawer. They got the money in one of those bank bags. As soon as they went out of the bank, the dye canister went off inside the bank bag. It was purple. Both bank robbers were now purple. But, their troubles were not over. Both were blinded by the dye and couldn't find the car keys after they dropped them on the pavement. One finally found the keys. But, then wouldn't you know it...the old beat up Oldsmobile would not start. They raised the hood, tinkered around for a few seconds and got it started. As they were backing out, several police cars were waiting on them. Some police tried desperately to maintain a professional decorum by not laughing. But, many of the police failed in their attempt to control their laughter. They were forever dubbed, "The Gang That Couldn't Rob Straight." I imagine they are still in prison cooling their heels.

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