David's Musings Is Four Years Old

Actually, this blog celebrated its 4th birthday yesterday on April 5th. But, I make it a point to stick to a schedule of just posting on Mondays and Fridays. So, with that thought in mind, this old blog (and it is ancient by blog standards) is the ripe old age of 4 years old. It's amazing really. I had been thinking several years prior to April 2008 of starting a blog. But, I honestly didn't know what I would blog about. But, after some encouragement from certain people, I decided to start this blog up. At first, my blog posts centered strictly on myself. I posted some things that, in retrospect, I wish I had not posted. I have thought about deleting those old posts. But, for now, they will remain for the foreseeable future. Then I started making more political posts on this blog. I enjoy politics. So, last September I decided to start up a political blog (The Right Commentary). Traffic there is slowing picking up. So, basically, what I concentrate on now, with this blog, is just general discussion, current events and the unusual daily stories that I think will be of interest. I actually quit this blog late 2010. I was burned out. So, I put this blog in mothballs for about six months. Eventually, I started missing "my old friend." So, I came back about a year ago. I don't know how much longer I will continue. But, I don't plan on going anywhere for anytime soon.

I think back to the time I started this blog today. Matt from Matt-Speak and his lovely sister were of great assistance when I started up this blog. They are long gone from the blogosphere, I fear. They were both incredibly nice people. They had a brother who suddenly died. Matt said he would be coming back. But, he never did. Sometimes life gets in the way of plans you make. There have been many other people who have contributed here over the years. Most are gone now. Eventually, this old blog will go away also. With the advent of Twitter and Facebook, blogs are a dying breed still trying to hold on in much the same way email is trying to stay relevant. There just aren't that many people who maintain a blog any longer. You get burned out and move on to something else in life. That is perfectly understandable. Hopefully, this blog will celebrate a 5th birthday next year. But, as was the case with Matt, I just don't know if that will happen. In any case, Happy Birthday to David's Musings! promote ebook
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I think it is good that you have decided to continue blogging because it is a nice way to follow your own thoughts if you understand me, now you can go back several years ago and see what has bothered and inspired you. Cheap Holiday

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