Chocolate As a Diet Food?

When I first read this chocolate as a diet story by the New York Times (since I disbelieve anything they print), I was highly skeptical since it came on on April 1 (April Fools Day). But, I checked around to find that it actually came on March 27th. I found a CBS News story on the same study about chocolate as a diet food. Now, I was convinced it was not simply a April Fools Day joke. I am still mystified by what I have read. Basically, there is a study that has found that people who eat chocolate frequently stay thinner, have less body mass. I just could not believe what I was reading. I have always felt that chocolate equals calories which equals weight gain. I have heard that my entire life. For that reason alone, I have avoided chocolate (even though I love the stuff). The study proclaims it is not quite clear why chocolate has such a beneficial effect since it is loaded with sugar, fat and calories galore. Some theorize that the abundance of antioxidants may cause a metabolic boost for the body. Again, no one is sure why chocolate is considered a "diet food" now based on this study. Studies have found in the past that chocolate does lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and even help with insulin regulation. But, the actual reasons why chocolate helps with weight loss and a lower BMI will remain a mystery for right now. This is going to require more study.

Ok, I admit I will eat more chocolate now. But, I am already exercising at an increased clip per week. I exercise greatly at least twice a day on my treadmill. The study (linked above) stated that exercise is a requirement for this intake of chocolate to have an effect on weight loss. If you don't exercise, at least three times a week, you are going to be greatly disappointed in the results of a chocolate only diet. Right now, I plan on eating chocolate twice a week. One of the links state that dark chocolate is preferable. But, there was no breakdown in the study on the kinds of chocolate people ate. So, I suppose I will intermingle milk chocolate on occasion.  I'll find out how true this study turns out to be. Increasing metabolic rate does sound feasible to me. Remember, no exercise and you will be greatly disappointed if you just eat chocolate only.
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