Horse's Head Found in Pickup Truck

In what is a gruesome scene right out of the movie, "Godfather," a Niagara Falls, Ontario man was arrested for decapitating a horse and then placing the horse's head in the bed of his pickup truck. Authorities think it was a misguided prank gone wrong. A true motive is still being investigated in this crime. The Humane Society of Niagara Falls is also assisting police. Daniel Mowatt has been charged with killing cattle, willful and unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal. He is being held in police custody pending a bail hearing (this was on March 23...he could be out on bail by now). He should stay in jail for a while.

There is absolutely no way this Daniel Mowatt can justify this. If this is indeed a prank, then he should spend some time in prison thinking about this so-called prank. If he is callous enough to decapitate a horse, what else has he done in his life that no one knows about? He is killing animals now. The natural progression would lead one to believe that humans would be next. I hope he gets punished to the fullest extent of the law in Canada.

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