Free Pizza With A Vasectomy!

Sometimes I try to bring the unusual, the peculiar and the macabre here on David's Musings. I like to possibly bring forth a smile or even a tear or two from you. I might get both a smile and a tear with this latest story.  Of course, this story should only be interesting to men. Urologists in Sandwich, Massachusetts are offering men a free large pizza with one topping (how kind of them) with a vasectomy, to kick off March Madness in Sandwich. Now, before you ask, why would they do such a thing, consider that March is the busiest time of the year for vasectomies in the Cape Cod area (of which Sandwich is the oldest town).  They offered no explanation as to why March is such a busy month.  I am not willing to wager a guess either. But, I gather that March Madness is even more widely followed in the northeast than possibly any other part of the country.  So, in order to make an even bigger profit, the urologists plan to make a promotion of a free large pizza to coincide with basketball's biggest month.  Plus, while you recover, you can watch March Madness on their TVs!  How can you turn down such an offer?  Well, I think I can. It will have to be a lot better promotion than a large pizza with only one topping to get me to go under the "clip, clip" of a urologist.  I have heard it is a painful procedure. 

Now, if they were to sweeten the deal with two toppings on the pizza...well, no, they couldn't offer enough toppings for me to undergo that procedure.  Pass.

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