Former IED Dog May Be Put Down By Marine Corp

Former Marine Corporal Megan Leavy served two tours of duty in Iraq with a German Shepard named Sergeant Rex.  They both searched for IEDs which was the major contributor of deaths of U.S. troops in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  Both Meagan and Sergeant Rex were severely wounded when an IED went off near them.  Megan is recuperating from her injuries as is Sergeant Rex.  But, time is running out on the noble German Shepard who served his country with distinction.  Sergeant Rex is ten years old, injured and can no longer serve.  The Marine Corp, as is tradition, wants to put down this dog whose usefulness to the Marine Corp is at an end.  Megan wants to adopt the dog.  But, like anything else to do with the federal government, red tape is getting in the way.  The fear is that Sergeant Rex may be put to sleep before Megan can adopt him.  That is a real fear now for a dog that took on the dangerous task of seeking IEDs in war-torn Iraq. 

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York (of whom I have criticized in the past) is working to expedite the paperwork to save Sergeant Rex before he is put down.  Time is running out for this dog.  I know how slow the military can be.  Saving a dog's life is not a top priority for the Marine Corp.  But, this dog took an IED that could have killed other soldiers.  It seems only fair that the dog should be allowed to live with the Marine who cared for him and served with him in Iraq for two tours.  Hopefully, I can report an update on Sergeant Rex getting the necessary paperwork done so he can live out the rest of his life with Megan. 

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