Dead 84-year old Woman Not Allowed To Vote

Maureen McCloskey looks remarkably well for a woman that has been told she died.  She looks even better for an 84-year old woman who appears to be alive and kicking.  What happened is that Maureen McCloskey went to vote this past Tuesday in Fall River, MA.  The voter warden stated she could not vote because "she died."  Apparently, Mrs. McCloskey wasn't informed by the voter registration people in Fall River that she had passed on from this life.  Strangely, Mrs McCloskey had been placed on the "deceased list."  Well, Maureen McCloskey made it abundantly clear she was alive and fully intended to vote. In fact, this spry little lady has made it a point for years to do her constitutional duty of voting. Anyway, once everyone was convinced Maureen McCloskey was indeed "alive," she was allowed to vote.  Apparently Mrs. McCloskey took it with great humor.  She made it known she fully intends to keep voting for many years to come!

But, just think, if Maureen McCloskey was in Chicago, she could vote for years and years even after she has died!  Politicians there do not discriminate against the deceased when it comes to voting. 

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