Davey Jones - RIP

Davey Jones of the hit 60s group "The Monkees" passed away yesterday in Florida.  He was 66 years old.  He had suffered a heart attack in his Indiantown, FL home.  Davey Jones was just one of the four band members who rocked their way to stardom, albeit briefly in the mid to late 60s.  The other band members are Mickey Dolenz,  Mike Nesmith, and Peter Tork.  The band never reached the level of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or other 60's bands.  They were an NBC invented for TV band that suddenly became popular.  There was probably no one more amazed at their popularity than the band members and NBC itself.  Davey Jones was the lead singer of the band.  They had such hits as "Daytime Believer and I'm a Believer."  I only liked I'm a Believer out of all their songs.  I was never a big fan.  I did like the "Monkees Car."  In fact, I had a model car of that same car used in the TV series.  But, that was the extent of my infatuation with The Monkees.

I'm sad about Davey Jones passing.  He was only six years older than me.  I guess it saddens me that an icon I knew growing up has now died.  So many seem to be dying now.  It seems like just yesterday I would listen to girls in my homeroom, in the 10th grade, talking about what The Monkees did on their show Monday night.  I could not understand their excitement then.  But, I can understand those same girls (who are all probably grandmothers now) who are as saddened by the news of Davey Jones death as I am.  In a week, most will have forgotten Davey Jones death.  It will be a footnote to 2012 as we move on to other things in life.  But, a small part of us 60s kids died Wednesday of this week.  I'm sure I will look for "I'm A Believer" on YouTube and play it in his honor.  God Bless you, Davey Jones.  May your music continue for eternity. 

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