One Year Old Boy Drowns in Church Baptismal Pool

One-year old Juan Cardenas drowned in the Baptismal pool of Praise Fellowship Church of God in Indianapolis. Juan was at the daycare of this church. Apparently, little Juan wandered away from staff members who were watching "30 to 45 children."  The child wasn't discovered missing until his therapist arrived for his session. The therapist was unable to find Juan and alerted staff members. After they discovered he was missing, they found the child floating in the pool.  No foul play is suspected at this time. However, police intend to continue an investigation into this tragedy.

It is always sad to read about anyone who has drowned. This is especially sad about a one-year old toddler. I can't even imagine the heartache of the parents when they learned about the little boy. I could find nothing in the report about why little Juan needed a therapist. But, obviously, he had some sort of medical condition.  The report did not state how many staff members were responsible to watch the 30-45 children at the daycare facility of this church.  But, I just have to believe they must have  or should have had, safeguards in place to prevent a child from wandering off like this.  I've never worked at a daycare.  So, I don't know the details that go into that sort of job.  But, just common sense tells me that with proper safeguards, a child would not have wandered away from watchful eyes.  At the same time, I must acknowledge accidents just happen.  That is a sad, terrible truth. A sad, terrible tragedy.  My heart goes out to the parents and family of Juan Cardenas.

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