McRib Attack?


A woman at the McDonald's, in Cumbland County, North Carolina, refused to wait in line at the drive-thru.  So, rather than wait her turn in line to go to the order window (like everyone else) she went straight to the pickup window!  The woman drove her Ford Taurus straight to the pickup window to place her order.  The McDonald's employees told her she would have to go to the end of the line.  They also told her they couldn't take her order at the pickup window (which I find is a stretch).  Of course, this woman, who thinks the world owes her a living or is at her beg and call, refused to leave.  She become quite belligerent to the employees as I'm sure you can imagine.  So, of course, Cumberland County's finest showed up to make her leave.  This made her even madder than before.  She still refused to move out of line.  Police then tried to drag her out of the Ford Taurus.  That didn't work out as planned.  Police had no other choice than to taser her.  That apparently did the trick.  She and her car were removed from the lunch line.  Never mind how this woman inconvenienced so many other people.

If you read the article I linked, you'll see this woman has a long history of cutting in line at this particular McDonald's.  What I don't understand is why did management at this MickyDee's allow it to continue to the point this woman felt she was allowed to cut in line, even at the pickup window.  Of course, this woman deserved what she had coming to her.  I suspect the courtroom judge will also have a few choice words for her.  But, management could have, to use a Barney Fife colloquialism,  "nipped it in the bud" the first time it happened.  McDonald's management must bear some blame in this incident.  I've seen this before.  So many people think they are better than everyone else.  So, they just cut in line.  I have spoke up before about this when it happened in my life.  But, it happens so much now, until I am almost immune to it.  It is time for someone else to take up the fight. 

As for this Cumberland County woman, I wonder if she just simply had a McRib attack?

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pmsl that is too funny... ive never seen anything like that in Australia.. but day-yum! she must have been pretty hungry lmao xxx

Actually, she was probably just one of many here in the states who think they can do as they wish in life. To hell with the other people waiting in line, her needs came first! Enjoyed your blog by the way.

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