Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill

With a name like "Heart Attack Grill," you know it had to happen eventually.  The famed (or infamous?) Las Vegas branch of Heart Attack Grill had a customer go into cardiac arrest while eating the 6,000 calorie "Triple Bypass Burger" last Saturday.  A man in his 40's was eating and suddenly began to experience chest pains.  Paramedics were called in to provide medical attention to this man.  There was no word as of this writing on the condition of the man.  One has to consider he wasn't all that concerned about his health by eating at an establishment that states on the menu, "Eating here can be bad for your health."  The Triple Bypass Burger has three slabs of meat, 12 bacon rashes (no idea what that is), cheese, red onions, sliced tomato and a special sauce that all adds up to the astronomical 6,000 calorie intake.

Many customers thought it was all a publicity stunt.  In fact, Jon Basso, the owner and former nutritionist for Jenny Craig (so much irony there I scarcely know where to begin), had to make a flat denial that it was all a publicity stunt.  Mr. Basso stated that the man was unable to breath and appeared near faint.  But, others were not quite so convinced.  There were people taking pics and even a video was made of the entire thing. I have to take Mr. Basso at his word on this.  Pretending to have a heart attack is no laughing matter.  The bad publicity backlash would not go well for him if, indeed, this was all a publicity stunt.  The food (delicious though it be) is not the only hazard for people (men specifically).  Scantily clad young women deliver your meal to you.  I mean, they leave nothing to the imagination in their "nurses uniforms."  I'm curious if it was the "nurses" or Triple Bypass Burger that caused this man to go into cardiac arrest.

So, burger lovers beware!  If you go to the "Heart Attack Grill," you are putting yourself at risk.  Especially men. 

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