The Facebook Defriend Murders

I am a casual user of Facebook.  I totally realize it is probably the hottest thing going this side of Twitter.  I only have about 60 friends, relatives and acquaintances there.  I'm not interested in having much more than that.  I always try to make sure it is someone I have at least spoken to over the years in some form or fashion.  In that way, I do know something about them.  If they are someone that I think is the least bit unstable, I refuse to accept a friend invitation from them.  That has happened just recently.  I got a call from this individual wanting to know why I would not accept her friend invitation.  I was totally honest with her.  Next thing I know, she has dedicated her wall to defaming me.  But, that is as far as it went.  She eventually calmed down.  Maybe I should have reported her to Facebook.  I'm not sure what kind of response I would have gotten to that. Something as big as Facebook simply can't respond to each and every problem.

What I'm leading up to is some people take Facebook and the entire internet thing as the real world.  An example of this is what happened in Mountain City, TN.  Janell Potter's entire life revolved around Facebook.  She has a disability that limits her in the real world.  Janell then started living out her real life in the cyber world of Facebook.  Janell Potter was easy to anger and caused trouble for several people in Mountain City.  She had threatened, bullied and defamed several people who dared to cross her on Facebook.  Janell had even been taken to court over harassment on Facebook.  None of that seemed to dissuade her. Defriending her caused Janell to absolutely lose it.  She could not take that.  Janell went too far as you would expect.  Janell Potter's boyfriend and father killed a Tennessee couple who Janell Potter had been feuding with in real life and on Facebook.  Both Billy Clay Payne and his wife, Billie Jean Hayworth, were found killed by Sheriff's deputies.  Jaime Curd and Marvin Potter were charged with murder.  The person who should be held responsible, Janell Potter, has not been charged.  People in the tiny Tennessee town are outraged over that.  They are trying to find a way to charge her with conspiracy to commit murder at the very least.  But, Sheriff Mike Reece said finding a way to attach her to the murder is going to prove difficult.  The young couple leave behind a baby who was still clutched in the dead mother's arms when deputies came into the house. 

It is disturbing to read something of this nature.  Two people are dead and a little baby does not have a mother and father today due to the psychotic problems of one severely disabled woman.  She was not just physically disabled.  But, apparently, mentally disabled as well.  She will get off scot-free on that issue alone.  That is as sad as the murder of these two innocent people.

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