Terrorists At Your Local Social Security Office

The Department of Homeland Security might just be a little off base in their latest attacks on American citizens. TSA is another part of DHS that makes people want to cringe each time they go to the local airport. But, this time, DHS sent in sniper teams with semi-automatic rifles, bomb sniffing dogs to the Social Security office in Leesburg, Florida for a "random check of identification of local citizens." Normally, the average citizen going into a local Social Security office is in his or her sixties. First, how much of a threat can someone that age be? Realizing this was a random check, isn't it possible they could have at least picked a target a bit more foreboding? What if one of those Federal Protective Service (FPS) officers had a weapon discharge during this ID check at the noted hiding place of al qaeda terrorists? I simply don't see the logic behind this alleged "random drill." There is too damn much that could go wrong.

If DHS meant to intimidate the local citizens of Leesburg, mission accomplished. The SSA office was not informed of this alleged drill by the FPS agents of DHS. I'm assuming they thought they were under attack. I'm not a black helicopters type of guy. But, something doesn't make sense about a random check of people at a Social Security office. There are too many things that could go wrong. Thankfully, nothing did go wrong...this time. It seems that our tax dollars could be better served if DHS did these practice drills like at the southern border of our country. You know, like "checking the ID of the millions of illegals" streaming into our country in the dead of night. I daresay they might have a better chance of catching a terrorist there than at the Social Security Office in Leesburg, FL.

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