Camera Falls at Insight Bowl

I'm sure you've all seen the "skycam" at football games that brings the audience right into the huddle at times. I've often wondered about those things. What would happen if one of them fell from the thin wire that holds them in place over the football field? I got my answer last Friday night at the Insight Bowl played in Tempe, Arizona.

The sky camera came crashing down to the field in the Insight Bowl, a game played between Iowa and Oklahoma. It nearly hit Iowa receiver Martin McNutt Jr. McNutt got tangled up in the guide wire that also came crashing down with the "flying camera" Friday night. Luckily, no one was injured. There have been few incidents involving the skycams over the years. They do seem to have a good track record. But, it would really only take one bad accident to call in question the use of such cameras over a football field. They weigh about 25 pounds. I don't know how high they are. But, let's say twenty feet (I'm sure it's more than that). 25 pounds from just 20 feet is going to seriously hurt someone. They did have to take a skycam down from a 2007 New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks game. But, according to the report, it was human error. It could have been a serious injury for someone Friday night at the Insight Bowl, even though those players wear helmets. The officials wear nothing but a baseball cap. Of course, some fans might think a skycam falling on an official might improve their calls during the game. Seriously, I am thinkful no one was hurt at the Insight Bowl.

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