New Year's Resolutions That Are Never Kept

Yeah, it's that time of year again. New Year's Resolutions time. How many people make them and actually keep them? I dare say not many at all. I got an early start on my first New Year's Day resolution; the eternal diet to loss weight. That one has to be the most popular resolution that is never kept. With that idea in mind, let's go over a few New Year's resolutions that are never kept for one reason or another.

1. Diet. Of course, this has to be numero uno on the list. Some people actually keep this resolution, at least, for a while. This year I am going to stick to it. No, seriously, I am. I bet you will too.
2. Quit Smoking. Actually, this should have been first on the list. Yes, being overweight is hazardous to your health also. But, nothing brings forth dreadful side effects like smoking.
3. Quit Drinking. Well, I guess you could hang this one with numbers one and two also. Drinking can cause so many problems for your health and for the interaction with friends and family. If you have a serious drinking problem, maybe it's time to consider stopping.
4. Get control of your debt. This is something that may prove as difficult to achieve as losing weight. You have to go on a diet money management program to get out of debt. In today's economy, this is an excellent idea. But, few will ever do it.
5. Be nice to your ex-wife. Ok, there will probably be some guys laugh at that one. But, try as I might, I cannot be nice to my X. I actually have made that a New Year's Resolution in the past. I made a concerted effort to be nice to her. Try as I might, it simply doesn't work. I bet there are a few guys (and gals) who have trouble being nice to a former spouse.

This may or may not be your list of New Year's resolutions that are never kept. But, they are mine. I don't smoke and I rarely drink. So scratch 2 and 3. Thankfully, I am one of those few people who do have control of their debt as I outlined in #4. So, I have #1 and #5 to work on. I suspect I will have better luck achieving #1 (as difficult as it is to lose weight), then I will #5. I wish everyone the best of luck in keeping their New Year's resolutions, even if you don't ever keep them. If you don't keep the resolutions, there is always next year!

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