Legless Man Denied Wheelchair

Mr. Evert Stefansson of Nyköping, Sweden was denied a wheelchair due to his infirmity. His infirmity was the fact he had no legs. Mr. Stefansson had both legs amputated. Mr. Stefansson suffers from a severe case of diabetes. His eyesight is fading and he had both legs amputated over the course of just one year. The local health authority (those that are enthused with Obamacare, take note) denied his claim for one of those power wheelchairs because they are "...uncertain if the impairment was permanent." That's right. You read that correctly. Apparently, these government bureaucrats with all the resources in front of them, were unable to decide if Mr. Stefansson's legs would miraculously grow back of their own volition. The report goes on to state that the man might be able to get prosthetic legs. Unfortunately, Mr. Stefansson will have to wait on that for up to a year (again, Obamacare supporters, take note).

Thankfully, the news media got wind of this ridiculous situation and started publicizing it a great deal. As it turns out, one of those power wheelchair manufacturers thought it would be a good PR move on their part to furnish Mr. Stefansson a new power wheelchair free of charge. It should be arriving sometime next week according to the report. That said, I think some people in Nyköping, Sweden should take some courses on the human anatomy. If you lose a leg, arm or any appendage, it doesn't grow back. Just a heads up for those folks.

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As a person with a severe lower limb disability myself I thought I had seen it all. I am regularly expected to travel hundreds of miles in great discomfort to see doctors so that they can confirm that I am disabled.
This but this sort of nonsense takes the biscuit. It is an unfortunate fact of life that the people who make up the rules have no idea what it is like too be someone who lives with disability.
I am glad that the wheelchair manufacturer has come to the rescue. It just goes to show that there are good people out there. (even if the cynic says it is a PR stunt).

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