Fiverr - A Review

I had never heard of Fiverr until about two months ago. I went to the site and simply was amazed at what I saw. Basically, you had people who were willing to do anything (legally anyway) for five bucks. You can get almost anything, from women who are willing to be your Facebook girlfriend to writing your business message on a surfboard to making a tough decision for you all for the low, low price of $5.00. Think of it as a mini-eBay with human services at one price...$5.00. I have used it for a number of different ways. No, I did not hire a Facebook girlfriend. But, you can get some decent SEO tips and help for five bucks. Unlike eBay, Fiverr customer service is very user friendly. They responded to a problem I had yesterday within ten minutes. I was impressed.

Now, you are probably thinking, how can this benefit me? Think of what you can sell, just to start off. Do you have a blog, web site with any kind of traffic? You can put a business message or anything you will allow and make some money out of it. Do you have any type of experience or education that is marketable? Put it to use on Fiverr. Now, by the same token, you can buy services as well. I'm in the buying mode right now. I've gotten some good SEO tips that I plan on putting to good use on this blog and my political blog as well. Just a heads up for you about some cheap services that you may or may not be able to utilize. Check them out and see if you might be interested.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid advertisement for Fiverr.

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