Mike McQueary Witness

I have carefully stayed away from the Penn. St. scandal that has been talked about so much on the TV, radio and newspapers. I have avoided it because it is so disgusting to me personally. But, I feel like I can make my opinion known on this subject now. First time I heard about it, I did not think it was possible. How could a middle-age man (I know these are allegations at this time) do what has been purported to have happened to these children? What kind of human being would rape children, the most vulnerable in society? My immediate answer to that question is that no real human being would ever do such a thing. I will not even say an animal would ever do such a thing. So, what do you call this man (and I omit his name purposely)? The only description I can come up with to convey my feelings is that this man is a Monster with a capital M. He will get his day in court. Despite all the evidence against him now, he still has a right to a fair trial by an impartial jury (although that will be difficult to do now).

As disgusting as this former assistant coach at Penn. St. is to me, I find Mr. McQueary almost as disgusting. I know that currently there is an email circulating that states he did intervene to stop the rape of the 10 year old boy. Unfortunately for Mike McQueary, State College police and University police have stated they have no record of McQueary filing a report of a report against the middle-aged pedophile. So, in essence, I find McQueary's email stating he did stop the rape to be self-serving at best. He is coming under tremendous criticism for not stopping the rape of a 10 year old boy. This email, in my opinion, was just his way of trying to deflect criticism. Head football coach, Joe Paterno, and at least three administration officials were dismissed from Penn. St. The only reason I can see or understand why McQueary has not been fired is due to the whistelblower laws. That is the only thing I can fathom.

The official version is that of the Mike McQueary grand jury testimony. He ran from the scene in the shower, went home to his dad and reported it and then told Joe Paterno the next morning. The fact that Paterno never followed up on it is the main reason he was fired after 409 career victories. A lot of people say, "You don't know what you would do if you had been in Mike McQueary's shoes at this horrible scene." I would be remiss if I didn't say there is an element of truth to that statement. But, I like to think that I would have done something to stop this man from raping this child. Every fiber in my body would have been screaming for some sort of action. I have never been what one could call brave or a hero. But, I believe, with every ounce of what I am as a man, that I would have physically intervened by picking up something to knock out the pedophile raping this little boy. That is what most people would have done. Apparently, Mike McQueary isn't in that group of people. When he had a chance to stop a pedophile, he ran. And, basically, he has ran from that scene ever since it took place nearly a decade ago. How do you live with yourself after you run away from something like that? If you are Mike McQueary, you accept a promotion as an assistant coach and remain quiet.

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