Lee Corso F Bomb

College Gameday is a Saturday morning ritual for me during the college football season. Chris Fowler (who has always seemed out of place on the show), Kirk Herbstreit, and, of course, Lee Corso. People have poked fun at Lee Corso for his inane predictions, his comical dialogue and his "putting on the mascot headgear" in the last 30 seconds of the two hour broadcast. You either love Corso or you hate him. Few people actually hate him. If you do hate him, it is you that has the problem and not Corso. Lee Corso is a lovable guy that really enjoys college football. He has made remarkable progress from a stroke he had about two or three years ago. I applaud him. He has come back with a vengeance this year. He is the Lee Corso of old now. Unfortunately, Lee was a bit too much Lee Corso at the traditional wearing of the mascot headgear at the end of the show this past Saturday morning.

In that last thirty seconds of the show, Lee likes to tease the crowd sometimes. He will put on a mascot headgear, throw it away and wear the mascot that he thinks will win the big game. Saturday morning he did this same thing with the mascot prediction for the SMU-Houston game. He took on the SMU pony hat, threw it away with an "Aaaah, "F" it!!!!" and put on the Houston mascot. Herbstreit, and Fowler were near hysterical. Lee Corso quickly apologized during the Nebraska-Michigan game. I felt that it was a necessary apology. But, I hope he doesn't get into hot water over it. I thought what he said the previous week during the Gameday segment ("What happened to that little kid" as Penn. St. and Nebraska met at midfield to pray) was far worse. The "F" bomb was inadvertent. Lee Corso apologized. That should be the end of it. But, and this is just personal opinion, I think ESPN will use these last two incidents to force Lee Corso into either retirement or to have a smaller role on the College Gameday broadcast. I hope not. He is funny and brings humorous insight to the somewhat staid Gameday broadcast.

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