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This is a rather unusual story about a man who basically has taken on the world's oldest profession; prostitution in Oklahoma City. Brian Bates has been making videos of prostitutes and their johns, in Oklahoma City, for the past 15 years. What is remarkable, at least to me, is that he has not been physically assaulted for his efforts in all that time. Mr. Bates even has his own YouTube Channel, and his own web site, JohnTV.com. Ironically, when I checked his web site, there was an advertisement from Fiverr with a very attractive girl advertising that she will be your "girlfriend" for five bucks. Anyway, Brian Bates has videotaped these prostitutes and johns and placing them on various places on the web.

Basically, Mr. Bates got fed up with the seedy south side of Oklahoma City when police were unable to clean up the prostitutes that walked up and down Highway 77 in OKC. Mr. Bates crusade began 15 years ago when he caught a high school principle and a prostitute in a van close to his home. Bates filed a formal complaint against the "john." Long story short, Mr. Bates was in court on the day when the jury found the john not guilty. The lead prosecutor told Mr. Bates he probably needed video evidence. And, with that comment, the Video Vigilante was born to bring scorn and ridicule upon the world's oldest profession. I just hope Mr. Bates sticks to video taping prostitution. Providing video on drug dealers might not turn out as well for him. In fact, I'm not sure he would last 15 days doing that.

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I live in OKC, not near where Bates patrols with his camera, but most everyone is well aware of him.

He's pretty controversial and people either love him or hate him.

As for the ads on his site. They appear to be Adsense ads and are often unique to the visitor. I just looked at his site and the ads were iPad2 related. I assume that is because I have been Googling iPad2 accessories all morning. Hmmm, I guess we have an idea what you've been Googling!

As for drug dealers. I know he targets those too because he is also on the news locally about busting up drug rings and apparently won some award last year for one such bust that was all over the news.

Not sure what's motivated him for so many years, but I sat good for him. I wouldn't have the balls to do it.


Thanks for that information about Bates. I had never heard of him until I saw an article yesterday on him. As for the girl, I did not think of it being an Adsense ad for some reason. No, I was not googling anything like that. She was young enough to be my granddaughter. I am surprised Bates is going after drug dealers. That is mighty stupid for him to do.

I remember seeing a television show about this guy. Good for him.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee, I had never heard of the guy. But, since I made this post, I have gotten email that states this guy (Bates) is a hypocrite. I won't say more than that. Anyway, it is good that someone has stood up to crime.

Not sure why anyone would call him a hypocrite. Unless he's doing hookers. I've seen his wife on a show with him. She's pretty attractive, so I'd imagine he'd leave the skanks to the Johns. I know he was arrested many years ago. Something about paying hookers to tell him where they were taking their Johns. Don't know how true that was. But the case was dropped and he keeps taping. You'd think if he had any skeletons they'd be out by now. Until then, I'm a fan.

Anon, re: Bates a hypocrite. The information I got in email is from someone that lives in OKC also. He said that Bates is pimping prostitutes. That simply doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why risk destroying all the good will you have made in 15 years? But, I am just an outsider looking in. I bet if you asked 10 people in OKC their opinion of him, you'd get about a 50/50 split on the man. I just thought the whole thing was unusual. I was just glad to see someone standing up to crime.

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