Radioactive Used Cars in Japan

If this wasn't such a serious subject, you could make so many jokes about used cars being radioactive. But, since this was a disaster of biblical proportions, I will resist the temptation. I suppose it should come as no surprise to people that radioactive used cars are now being sold in Japan. Of course, this is due to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdowns in Japan in March of this year. Now, these cars in the nuclear fallout zone were supposed to have been destroyed. But, used car sales dealers doing what they are noted for doing (worldwide I can see now), radioactive cars are finding their way into the used car market in Japan. In fact, one car was found to have 300 times the legal amount of radiation. It is appalling that someone would sell a car like that. It is no excuse to say he or she probably didn't know. That dealer knew it was radioactive. That should be enough to put that dealer out of business forever.

As stated above, the radioactive cars were suppose to have been destroyed. But, by what method? Crushing them and burying them at sea is not something I would think a nuclear conscious Japan would do since so much of their livelihood depends on the sea. Japan at one time sold used cars to Russia and South Africa. But, any vehicle coming from Japan is now carefully inspected before being off-lifted from a cargo ship. So, what to do? Melt the cars? That is a fear I have. If these cars make it to the scrap metal stream, everyone could eventually have radioactive tools, garages, manufactured homes and...yes, radioactive cars made right here in the USA.

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