"Get the Old Geezer!"

Eight-four year old Jim Shea was out for his afternoon walk in Wissahickon Valley Park. This is something he normally does about three days a week. What happened to him earlier this week is unconscionable. Three black punks brutally attacked Mr. Shea, beating him mercilessly. He was knocked to the ground after being hit from behind. That wasn't enough for these punks. They then proceeded to kick him in the face, neck and stomach. While they were beating this elderly gentlemen, the attackers were laughing and cracking jokes about him. This attack continued for several minutes. Mr. Shea was left bloody and unable to walk. Thankfully, a bicyclist rode by and rendered assistance. Mr. Shea was taken to a local hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He was there for four hours receiving stitches in his face and treatment for a broken nose.

I read this story with great anger. How in the hell could kids today be this callous, this mean-spirited? A man who lived through World War II (he may have served for all I know), served as a vice-president of Temple University in Philly. How could this happen not just to this elderly man, but to anyone? How? This man was bothering no one. He just going through his daily routine. What was even more telling about this attack; the attackers did not even steal his wallet or cell phone. What does that tell you about the mindset of these bastards? They were just wanting to beat up someone who was vulnerable and who couldn't fight back. They were all cowards in that respect. They would not want someone who would be able to defend themselves. No, they are too cowardly to do that. The only good thing about this is that Jim Shea is not going to let this incident deter him from continuing his daily walks. To quit his walks would give these cowards a win. This is the right attitude to have. We must all be like Jim Shea in this regard.

Police have no leads at this point. I just hope someone in the City of Brotherly Love will give up these punks to law enforcement. Someday these punks will be old (being as stupid and cowardly as they are, that is debatable). It would only be fitting if they meet the same fate as Jim Shea.

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Those three should be horsewhipped. Just saying.

Karma will catch up to these three. Yes it will.

Have a terrific day. :)

Yes, karma will catch up with these jerks even if the law doesn't, Sandee. It is unbelievable anyone could be this mean.

I'm just curious. Why do you say "three black punks"? If it had been white kids, would you have said "three white punks"? Not your fault, really. It's just the way our society is these days.

Len, if you would have clicked on the link in the first sentence (Jim Shea) it would have taken you to the article I was referencing. It mentioned that the assailants were all black. You are right, I would have mentioned if they were white. Let me ask you, if I had said they were all WHITE, would you have made a comment about that? Would you, Len?

But, I'm curious why you are more concerned with political correctness than you are with the merciless beating of an 84 year old man. I don't blame you either. That, unfortunately, is also a reflection of our politically correct society.

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