Entrecard - A Political Bias?

I have mentioned a couple of times that I have started a new political blog called "The Right Commentary." It is just starting out and, like with any new blog, traffic is slowly coming to that blog. I decided to add that blog to the Entrecard network about two weeks ago. I have been a member of the Entrecard Network since 2008. I joined them in late 2008 after the ill-fated and mismanaged BlogRush network shutdown. Entrecard has introduced me to some fine blogs since that time. I've met a lot of interesting and not so interesting people. Traffic is abysmal from Entrecard. It causes my bounce rate to increase. But, I don't keep my Entrecard account active because of the "traffic" they send my way. I keep my Entrecard account because of the many great blogs on the network.

Two weeks ago, as I said, I applied for a linked blog (The Right Commentary). I was turned down within 48 hours. Stunned, I read the rejection notice. It stated that my Entrecard widget was linking to some place called "Seek No More." Again, stunned, I clicked on the widget and it took me straight to Entrecard. The first thought that occurred to me was that since I got the code straight from Entrecard, how can it be my fault it is linking to "Seek No More?" Figuring that there had to be a mistake, I emailed them and inquired. Of course, I got no answer despite trying three different times. So, I deleted the widget and tried again. 48 hours later, I got another rejection notice. This time it stated that my widget was linking to "Automated Backlinks." Thinking that I must have a virus on my computer, I ran four different antivirus programs online and then ran my resident antivirus program. Nothing came up. I refuse to believe that Blogger would allow a virus to go undetected for any length of time.

So, I tried a third time. This time, it was rejected because the widget needed to be placed at the top. Now, I was furious. How many Entrecard widgets are at the very top of the blogs in the network? Few, very few. I sent an email to Entrecard asking them what was going on. I told them that I believe there was a political bias from the moderator who kept rejecting my new political blog. And that is precisely what I believe now. Yes, like The Right Commentary, there are many political blogs on Entrecard that are as conservative or even more conservative than The Right Commentary. So, why does my blog keep getting rejected? I believe it is a reflection of exactly how divided this nation is today. There is probably one insecure individual who has a God-complex who keeps rejecting my blog because he or she disagrees with the content. My political blog is politically incorrect. I state that at the very top of the blog. I have never received a reply to my many emails to Entrecard. Nobody wants to enlighten me to the real reason. I do know at least three different conservative bloggers in the Entrecard network have been threatened with being kicked off the network because their blog borders on "hate speech." They are in deep disagreement with our current President. According to Entrecard, that is now "hate speech."

I am enclosing a couple of the rejections below to show you the complete absurdity of it all. Entrecard has always stated they want the widget ABOVE THE FOLD. If you will go to my poltical blog, The Right Commentary, I had the Entrecard widget just below the American Bald Eagle image on the right side of the blog. Now, if Entrecard wants to ban me for posting this on this blog, they can have at it. I get 90-95% of my traffic through Google, Yahoo and other search engines. I don't need them for that. But, I do invite you to take a look at the emails below. Like the movie "Jaws," this time it's personal.


Your account 'The Right Commentary' on entrecard.com has been rejected. The administrator gave the following reason:

Please place the Entrecard widget at top of the page.

Please contact deleted@entrecard.com if you have any questions regarding this action.

Please include the following:
User ID: 79916


Your account 'The Right Commentary ' on entrecard.com has been rejected. The administrator gave the following reason:

"Seek No More" is not the link for Entrecard. Please place link for Entrecard on the Entrecard widget.

Please contact deleted@entrecard.com if you have any questions regarding this action.

Please include the following:
User ID: 79698

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Excellent article! How we do get frustrated sometimes when we just want a simple answer and are ignored. Visited The Right Commentary and will be a regular reader!

petsblogs, thanks for your comment. Entrecard is not big enough to continue allowing certain individuals to put their personal beliefs in approving or disproving blogs. I would delete my widget. But, I enjoy the interaction with bloggers on the network. I do wish BlogRush would come back, but under new management. It was a hundred times better than Entrecard. Thanks again.

That's awful. The content of blogs shouldn't even be considered, unless it's illegal. If you want, you can email support @ entrecard or I can pass along the head of support's email address.

You could ask some of the bloggers to link to your other blog, via a link list. That's pretty much what EC is, anyway. I'll put a link on my scram page if you want. :)

Jamie, I have already written to support at Entrecard. Again, no reply. I do believe this is politically motivated by one individual who, as I said, has a god-complex. I don't mind people disagreeing with me on my political beliefs. Just allow me to state my opinion. That's all any conservative can ask these days. Thanks for your comment and yeah, I'd appreciate a link to your scram page...whatever that is...hehehe....thanks again.

I'm not surprised by this at all. Did you know one of the support people is First Door on the Left. He's uber liberal and idolizes Obama. I mean over the top. I refused his ad because of his political leanings so that's how I know he's one of the support folks. He was the first person I thought of when I read this post. He is not kind to the right at all.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee, that explains a lot now that you mention the top leftie on Entrecard. Sometimes I wish I were wrong on my hunches about things. LOL I plan on making another post about Entrecard and call this guy out. Either he did the rejecting or, at least, he knows who did it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

The other thing might be your pop-up that shows up every time I click on a post of the comment button? Not sure what that's all about but it happens every time.

I don't want to point fingers at First Door on the Left, I'm just saying that was my first thought. He was gracious about my refusing his ad so he wasn't being mean. I did tell him why I was refusing his ad. I couldn't stand opening up his site at all. Way, way, way liberal. Over the top.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee, are you getting the popup here or on the The Right Commentary? I knew I was getting a popup on here. But, I thought I got rid of it. If you get the popup again would you copy and past the entire url in a comment for me? I will track it down. Obviously, it is from a link I have on one of the sites. Thanks.

I'm not getting the pop up anymore. So you must have gotten rid of it. Good for you. I never left it open long enough to get the URL. I just closed it immediately. I'll let you know if it returns. :)


That is good to know in regard to the popup. I did delete a widget that I thought might be the culprit on TRC. Appears I got the right one. I hate popups as much, if not more than anyone. Thanks for bringing that popup to my attention.

It appears Entrecard is gone. It's been down for several days now and I don't see it coming back up. Oh well, look at all the time we have now.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee, I didn't notice it until Friday. I hardly use it now for this blog. Their web site is still working. Their blog says they have a bug in their software. Yeah, right. I honestly don't care if they go belly up or not. I'd hate to lose all the great blogs on the network. There is a need just screamed to be heard for another business similar to EntreCard (without the built-in biases) or BlogRush (without the inept mismangement). Seems like someone could make this happen.

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