End of World...Again on October 21

Here we go again. It wasn't enough that radio preacher Harold Camping made himself look foolish on his prediction of Judgment Day on May 21, 2011. He had to do it again in the same year. Mr. Camping had caught the attention of the news media with his May 21 prediction that had many people preparing for the end of the world. When May 21 came and went with people still going to work, going to school, etc., many of his followers were disappointed in him. Trying to recapture the "following" he lost on his failed May 21 prediction, Camping said that he had miscalculated. The end of the world would really occur on October 21. Strangely, he states that the end of the world will go "quietly" this time. It sounds like he has established himself an out with that statement. Incidentally, Mr. Camping suffered a stroke in June, a month after his May 21 end of world scenario.

Mr. Camping's prediction is not biblical. No one knows when the world will end, when judgment day will happen. Camping states that is "Old Testament" law, that it doesn't apply to this generation. I am not a biblical scholar. But, I am pretty sure Jesus stated that "...no one knows the hour or the day, not even the angels in Heaven know..." That makes it New Testament. I'm not sure what people like Mr. Camping get out of these type of end of world scenarios. Is it for attention? Self-gratification? I am not really sure. I just know he duped a lot of people in his last prediction. Some people actually sold or gave away everything they had in preparation for the Final Day. I am hopeful that people have learned that this man doesn't have a clue. In fact, I suspect he may be mentally ill. I just hope the people that follow him now do not get fooled again. He doesn't know what he is talking about. That should be apparent to anyone now.

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You are right, no one knows the hour or the day, not even the angels in Heaven know. We have so many crackpots out there.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee, I hope this latest prediction spells the end of Camping. His 15 minutes should be up by now.

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